::you've seen a lot but looked at nothing::

finally up

I've finally officially launched my photography business, and along with it a new website! Go check it out; I'm excited!

this site needs work

So, I haven't updated this site in awhile. I'm not satisfied with blogger anymore, and plan on setting up a website that will show my photos better. (More conveniently, more attractively, etc..) I also plan on going through what I've put up and weeding out a lot of it. This may take awhile, though, because I'm pretty busy with school & kids, and I'm well known for procrastinating. If anyone has any ideas regarding where I can set up a better looking photo blog let me know!

fun with collage

I started working on my sister's engagement portraits the other day, and in the process discovered this incredible abandoned building where I not only took pictures of the happy couple, but took some "extra" shots as well. In an effort to try and get in a better mood I mixed the images up, played with them a little on my stolen copy of photoshop, and the result is what you see below. I like it.

who am i?

texas, United States

the past